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NodeHost now has a built in Let's Encrypt enable button

Author: Anthony Rossbach

I have been asked so many times, so now it's built in and even works on the test domains. :heart_eyes:

Here is the update from the NodeHost blog.

It's time, Let's Encrypt is finally enabled and ready to be used. This is the number one feature request we have had. But remember this tool is new so might not always work.

Because of the API time that it takes Let's Encrypt to return the certificate information (up to 5 minutes in some cases), we had to force a timeout after 15 seconds on the API function. This makes it so that the panel after you click enable will not be forced to wait up to 5 minutes but rather a max of 15 seconds. The panel will then give you a message telling you it's in progress.

Because SSL is important all sites now in the panel will show a warning message when you have a site with NO SSL installed. SSL is important to making the internet safe and secure.