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Dragable Flexbox Grid

Author: Rando Hinn


In the process of writing my CMS sideproject, I recently encountered the need to have a drag-and drop system, that would work seamlessly with Flexbox Grid's automatic width columns. I tried 4 different libraries, but none worked. Frustrated, I then turned to the eternal shrine of truth for all developers - Stack Overflow, where in the JS chatroom, I wrote something like this:

Does a library exist, that allows drag and drop on a Flexbox Grid Auto Width grid? Tried gridster and similar, couldn't get it to work.. Now dabbing at jQuery UI

As you can see, I was onto jQuery by the time I wrote that - pretty desperate, I know. Within 5 minutes, a guy by the name of Ben Fortune replied back:

Try dragula

So I did. And guess what - it works straight out of the box! Couldn't be more happier


So, Dragula is a cool open-source drag and drop library that's one of the easiest to set up, that I've seen. Contrary to many others, it does not have useless bells and whistles - it doesn't even have a pixel grid system like many others do, but that's what makes it awesome - All I need to do is to is provide it with the container elements, and drag and drop of their children between them will just work. Even with the automatic width grids, that I want to use for easier layout creation.