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Today Twii passed 300,000 email notifications sent.

Author: Anthony Rossbach

Wow this is huge, over 300,000 notifications sent to users emails. I wanted to share it on CodeBee before Twii as it's a huge deal. To send 300K emails and not have a single spam listing for our domain is amazing. It was not easy and there where a lot of problems along the way, and a lot of lessens learned. No matter the budget, experience, or knowledge level, it can all be done. I had to learn this my self, with no help.

So can anyone. You just need a challenge, a problem, something to fix, something to build, something to create. Thats how the best coders get started. Find a problem or something your stuck on, and just work on it until you find a way. Don't ask for help on the small stuff, ask for help on the large problems, and follow along, learning the small inner workings of how it's all done.

Mark: was fascinated by social experiments, and created the worlds largest social network.

Page and Sergey: Where fascinated in AI, in solving riddles and doing the impossible, they made the largest internet company in the world and the smartest AI systems to date.

Steve: Was obsessed with making the world connected, where everyone has access to global information. He started the personal computer battle that accelerated technology and innovation.

I know this is not the post you where expecting, but it is how I feel. Numbers like this make things feel a little overwhelming. 1.2 Million posts, 368K messages, 300K emails, 20K photos, 100K comments. I feel so grateful to all the users on the site.