Ninjality is the team behind CodeBee, a new social experience for developers, designers, and enthusiasts. We’re a small team that love building web apps for people, and we knew that we wanted to give back to the community with a useful and elegant service. As developers and designers, we read multiple tutorials around the web, but we realized that it’s hard to have a meaningful conversation around this content. Also, there is no effective way to connect with other developers and designers through this content, or receive relevant feedback. CodeBee solves these issues through user-made tutorials, questions, and projects that can be shared with followers and around the web.

Kyle McDonald
Co-founder / Lead Designer and Community Manager

Has a keen eye for design and user experience. Has been interested in web design, graphic design, and web development for a long time. Currently attends Murray State University for Computer Science and Advertising.

Sunny Singh
Co-founder / Lead Developer and Systems Administrator

Leads in the development team. He is passionate about making beautiful and responsive web apps that are useful to a wide number of people. Studies Software and Computer Science at University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Darryl Dixon
Designer and Illustrator

Though for the majority of his life he had an interest in video production, he was never too far from the visual and imaginative industry that is graphic design.